Better late than never, all the recent snowstorms have provided some cozy winter weather  (maybe a little too cozy if you’re further up north). But between storms, the sun is shining and there’s some warm weather and Vitamin D to be had. Stretch off all your winter bundling and soothe sore muscles with Dakota Muscle Relief.

As winter changes to spring, here’s some of the ways Dakota Muscle Relief can help you fight off minor aches and pains:

  • If your joints ache when the pressure changes, spray on some Dakota Muscle Relief. Not only does it work well on muscles, it can soothe minor joint pain, too.
  • Stay on top of cramps after being out in the cold. Whether you were playing, keeping up with a daily walk despite the temperature, or shoveling and clearing ice, your body will need some TLC when you come in. Not only will it be sore from the burst of activity, the change from freezing to a heated home can irritate muscles, too. Get some Dakota Muscle Relief on right away and fight off muscle tension and aches.
  • Take advantage of warm days and head outside. If it’s been a while since you got the exercise advantages of warm weather, you might feel some protest from your muscles. Again, relieve tension and aches with Dakota Muscle Relief.

Other ways to soothe muscle pain:

  • A warm bath
  • Stay on top of drinking lots of water
  • Support joints with colloidal gold
  • Eat an antioxidant rich diet
  • Make time to stretch regularly

With the natural pain support of Dakota Muscle Relief, try some new activities this spring and leap into a healthy, active, more fit summer.

What cramps you up? Share with us in the comments:


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