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Nature HikeEveryone knows the benefits of exercise: you look and feel better. You crave healthier foods, and that improves your health. You’ve got a lower risk for several diseases, especially heart disease and brain aging.

But do you know how easy the benefits of exercise are to attain?

1) Exercise can be easy. It doesn’t have to be training for a marathon.
2) No matter when in life you start, the benefits of exercise span all your future decades.

#SneakyExercise is something that we encourage on our Twitter feed, @ColloidsGuy. And a new study shows that sneaking exercise into your daily routine—an evening walk, getting all those chores done, or “DIY” projects, from making your own bread to fixing broken furniture—can help increase your overall health. Fifty somethings were followed up with in their seventies, and those who were more active were able to experience the benefits of exercise: still active, and with a much lower risk of chronic diseases.

Most people need to redefine how they think of exercise. If you can get your heart rate up thirty minutes a day and work in some weight training, great. But if that’s too daunting, or you can’t start there, mild adjustments to your daily routine could still give you the benefits of exercise! Plus you’ll enjoy that homemade meal, or the chairs not wobbling, or the leaves changing color as you go on walks this fall.

What ways do you sneak exercise into your day?


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