The Perfect Weight And Above Average Health…


Weight Figurine…Is everyone’s goal, when asked. But a recent study on American weight has found that over a quarter of Americans are obese, and even in healthier states the obesity rate is still around 20%, and that’s not even including overweight people!

Even most thinner people struggle with either their weight or their health (because you can be a thin person who needs more exercise!).

And chances are, most of you reading this had a New Year’s resolution that focused on either weight or health (or both). And those that didn’t are probably intentionally avoiding it this year.

So let’s get back on track!

-If you want to improve your diet, start by adding, not subtracting. Cutting out processed sugar is great until that moment of weakness where you end up pounding a dozen donuts over two days.

Instead, add to yor diet—if sugar’s your thing, add fruit to every meal. Overeating in general? Add veggies. (Ideally, add both). Eat them first. Your body will prefer them, and you’ll naturally cut back on everything else. (If you’re super used to junk food, give it a week or two before you feel it).

-If you’re going to drink your calories, make it a meal. Rather than sip soda or other sugary drinks, replace a lunch with a protein shake. Or sip a protein shake over the course of a day (extra protein will support your exercising, below).

-Move more: Stand at your desk. Run errands on foot. Park further away. Take a 5 minute yoga break every hour.

-But also get your cardio. The secret here is planning. Most people use the excuse that they don’t have the time—but if you schedule it, you will. And the good news: you only have to do it every other day, because your body will benefit from having a rest day!

What other health goals can we help you meet?

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