The Quick, Easy, Anywhere Home Workout


Scientists have paired an intense run and weightlifting down to a 7 minute, whole body workout (this isn’t just your abs!). Best of all, you can do it anywhere, you just need a chair, a wall, and a small amount of space for prone positions.

The researchers based their workout on High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT), which involves intensely working out in short bursts, followed by a shorter rest. Previous studies have shown HIIT type workouts were more effective than longer, steady paced workouts. Up until now, how to incorporate HIIT has varied a lot depending on sport, style, and trainer. This new study aims to create a precise methodology for HIIT. It also focuses on moves that can be done anywhere, using your own body as the weight, so you don’t need access to a gym!

It should be said, to do this workout right requires a high level of energy, and is definitely not something you should do without talking to your doctor about it, especially if you have previous health concerns. People who have incorporated the HIIT concept into their workouts will tell you that doing it right should leave you sore, ready to pass out, and nauseated. The moves are easy to do and learn, but the effort you put into it needs to be intense!

So how’s it done?

There are twelve exercises that alternate muscle groups (order matters!), and you do each for 30 seconds with a 10 second rest in between. You might want to work out with a friend and take turns holding the stop watch and shouting out which exercise to do next. A workout buddy can also help keep you motivated—remember, the key to HIIT is to be at an 8 or 9, at least, energywise.

Here are a list of exercises, as suggested by the researchers based on what they found to be optimal intervals, etc.:

1. Jumping jacks (Total body)

2. Wall sit (Lower body)

3. Push-up (Upper body)

4. Abdominal crunch (Core)

5. Step-up onto chair (Total body)

6. Squat (Lower body)

7. Triceps dip on chair (Upper body)

8. Plank (Core)

9. High knees/running in place (Total body)

10. Lunge (Lower body)

11. Push-up and rotation (Upper body)

12. Side plank (Core)

After you’ve done the workout, it’s time to eat in order to support your muscle growth and refuel your body. Be sure to add some multivitamins to that meal to ensure you get all needed nutrients—your body will need them!

Do you use HIIT or sprints as your workout method?


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