The Vast Majority of Americans Need More Exercise


People answering studies are all confessing to the same thing: they really aren’t getting the recommended amount of exercise. Most people are willing—but where to begin? Finding time, choosing an activity, and sticking to it are just some of the hurdles that people face. Here are some tips for overcoming those hurdles so you can get all the benefits of exercise, including a greater sense of well-being, improved heart health, decreased depression and anxiety, and increased longevity.

Jump the over the first hurdle: reset your expectations. Getting a good amount of exercise can be as simple as making sure to spend time each day walking—whether it’s an evening stroll of how you run your errands. If you can squeeze in 20 minutes of brisk walking each day, you’re doing enough. Most people picture exercise, and thanks to advertisements they picture expensive workout clothes, gear, and equipment. But you already have everything you need for walking, and there’s no commute time since you can do it everywhere.

That’s the next hurdle—making time. Driving, even if it’s 5 minutes away, can really make it easier to fall off the wagon of a new exercise routine. You have to get ready, get in the car, get somewhere, then clean yourself up and go to the next thing—and after a while, you might decide you need some of that time back. Get rid of the excuse and make moving a more integrated part of your life, and less of an event. Walking, jogging, and running all work well since they require minimal set up, but there are lots of other options, too: just check the internet. Ever wanted to learn a specific type of dance? Want to tailor your workout around an injury, or to tone a specific body part? YouTube probably has something that will take you through a gentle, step by step introduction and let you improve your skills, and your fitness, at your own pace.

And that’s another hurdle: body pain and discomfort. If you’re biggest hang-up about exercising is that you feel sore afterward, try some gentle relief. Stretch, soak, and massage body parts to help support their physical health in other ways than making them burn. If you need a quick way to cut the muscle tension, soothe aches, and relax enough to go back to work or go to bed after being physically active, try Dakota Muscle Relief. You can rub it on sore spots for hot/cold pain relief and a fresh burst of peppermint smell (no medicinal smell)..

Getting a healthy amount of exercise can be easily slipped into your day. Think outside the box a little, then treat your muscles with Dakota Muscle Relief.

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