Research has found a new way to help treat fatty liver disease—and it validates a centuries old alternative treatment!

Two chemicals—bear bile acid and a common human bile acid—prevent the liver from absorbing more fat. Bear bile acid is used in Chinese medicine to treat liver disorders, meaning this research is one of the rare times that science stumbles into validating traditional folk remedies!

Fatty liver disease (alcohol and non-alcohol combined) affects 1 in 3 first world adults—a staggeringly high number, considering the disease can lead to such serious complications as liver failure and mild jaundice.

Caused by obesity, Type 2 Diabetes, and Alcoholism (or any combination thereof), fatty liver disease can easily be attributed to poor first world diets which are high in fats and low in health-supporting nutrition and fiber, although there’s also a genetic component that determines risk.

Many people have undiagnosed fatty liver disease, since symptoms are mild (fatigue, and discomfort on the right where the liver is). Generally, regular testing for heavy drinkers or people with a strong genetic risk is needed to diagnose fatty liver disease before symptoms become serious.

Healthfully & slowly losing weight, as well as cutting back to the recommended number of fats and dramatically reducing processed sugar intake can help improve liver health.

What do you think? Are you astonished by the number of people with fatty liver disease?


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