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You may be starting the year ready to learn new hobbies, resolved to get fit, or burning to make some changes. Do you have everything you need? While it’s normal to “feel it” after you work harder or use your body differently, you should still be able to relax, sleep comfy, and not be distracted by pain. Make sure that you’re ready to take on your new activities this year with support from Dakota Muscle Relief.

Dakota Muscle Relief is better than what you’ll find on the endcap of your local box store. It’s got a shorter ingredient list, for one—fewer chemical and preservatives. It also smells better—a quick burst of peppermint, and none of the lingering, overwhelming medicinal smell of other brands. With a hot cold sensation, you can use Dakota Muscle Relief to soothe sore muscles, help relax twitchy muscles so you can sleep, ease muscle tension, and even to relieve headache pain and some types of migraines.

To help keep muscles happy and healthy, make sure you drink lots of water. If you’re working out, an electrolyte drink can help quickly rehydrate you (and before you jump to gimmicky water brands full of sugar, know that a cup of chocolate milk is a great solution with both protein, nutrients, and electrolytes—whether you go for traditional dairy or oat, nut, etc.).

Stretching also helps keep muscles ready for action and helps to prevent injury. The best way to stretch is to make it its own regular event, not just something you do right before working out. If you take up yoga, stretching becomes its own regular contributing exercise.

Enjoy moving your body this year with natural pain support from Dakota Muscle Relief. Don’t be afraid to suffer the consequences of something new—relax muscles and relieve pain so you can sleep, go back to your dsk, or do it again tomorrow with either Dakota Muscle Relief Spray (great for reaching backs) or Dakota Muscle Relief Roll-On (adds a little massage element).

Dakota Muscle Relief 8oz.

Dakota Muscle Relief is an all-natural herbal product for the temporary relief of pain in muscles and joints associated with simple backache, arthritis, strains, bruises, and discomfort.

Our Price: $25.49


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