6 Ways To Boost Your Metabolism


Balanced Breakfast with eggs and coffeeAre you slowing down on your 2015 health goals? Or maybe you’re daydreaming about spring between snowstorms? Either way, you can boost your health and lose weight with just a few daily changes!

1) First, it’s all about timing! If you aren’t familiar with your circadian rhythm, you should look into mapping it. There are ideal spots in your day for exercising, napping, and even eating. Breakfast, for instance, will be most effective at supporting your metabolism (and helping you have a higher energy, feel-good day) when you eat it within 30-60 minutes of getting out of bed. (And additionally, you should weight about an hour after waking up to have your tea or coffee for caffeine to be most effective).

2) What you eat counts, too (of course!). Oatmeal, eggs, greek yogurt, and other filling, long-lasting options will not only help you feel full, but are better for supporting a good metabolism than high-sugar breakfasts like many cereals and pre-packaged foods. And of course, they’re more nutritious, all of which is better for feeling good throughout the day, and losing weight!

And variety counts: that first meal after sleeping not only starts up your metabolism, it tells your body what to prepare for. That’s why a “balanced” breakfast is so important—it’s not just getting an array of nutrients, it’s getting a bunch of food groups included so that your body will digest them effectively when you eat again!

3) Don’t skip meals! Breakfast is important because eating after you wake up is important. If you keep an odd schedule, breakfast isn’t just in the AM, it’s whenever you wake up—and that may be after 8 hours of rest, or after short naps you squeeze in. If you sleep, you need to eat something balanced when you wake up—that’s an important key to having a “good” metabolism!

Then, you can continue to support it by eating small meals throughout the day (many trendy diets incorporate this meal structure—because it’s often more effective than the diet itself!). Keep your metabolism going with an array of healthy snacks and a few small meals. It’s a good idea to spend a day off planning and preparing some of these!

4) Enjoy sweets in moderation. A recent study suggested that if you only do one thing to lose weight, it should be eating more fiber. Luckily, you can pair your sweets with many good sources of fiber. Berries and bananas with your ice cream, nutella on whole wheat bread, etc, cut back some of the sweet in exchange for sneaking in something healthy.

5) Figure out a good exercise routine, even if it’s pretty easy. Regularly getting your body moving—and building muscle, especially—will help get your metabolism up!

6) Make sure you’ve got a nutritional safety net. A daily multivitamin ensures your body has all the building blocks it needs to run properly, rather than stumbling over occasional deficiencies (especially if you’re dieting and eating less).

And of course, make sure you keep your overall health up with an immune supporting supplement like MesoSilver. Having to redirect resources to fight off illness, or having a suppressed appetite, or just having runny nose-mucus fill your stomach won’t be good for you—or your metabolism!

What other things have you found boost your metabolism?


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