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Gastrointestinal TractAppendicitis is inflammation usually caused by a blockage, and so it almost always requires immediate surgery. Without immediate intervention, more severe complications, and even death, can result from appendicitis—so know appendicitis symptoms, as well as a few easy ways to reduce the risk of developing appendicitis.

Know Appendicitis Symptoms

First, know the appendix location: the lower right of the abdomen (or left, if you’re looking at someone experiencing stomach pain). Appendix pain almost always results (or sometimes starts as) appendix pain, felt in the appendix location. It may take a few hours for appendix pain to be clearly identifiably, it may start as general stomach pains.

In men, a kidney stone in the right kidney/ureter may be confused with appendix pain. Similarly, in women, an ectopic pregnancy (where the fertilized egg doesn’t make it to the uterus but instead threatens to rupture the fallopian tube) can also be confused for appendix pain. In any case, sharp stomach pain is a reason to go the emergency room. An ectopic pregnancy can be fatal, and a large kidney stone may need to be broken up by ultrasound or medication.

Other appendix symptoms may include a lack of will to eat, nausea, and vomiting—but the key is appendix pain. The sooner you get to the hospital, the smaller the chance of complications, like the appendix rupturing.

Help Prevent Appendicitis

Once you have appendix pain, you need to go to the hospital—there’s not much you can do from home once the appendix is blocked. But there may be some things you can do to prevent blockage:

The most common cause of appendicitis is fecoloma, when feces compacts into a hard, stone like material. A diet high in fiber may help to prevent their build up—but sometimes they can be caused by intestinal diseases. Chronic constipation that doesn’t respond to a change in diet may be a symptom of a more serious illness that needs to be diagnosed by your physician, it can also be a precursor to appendicitis, so don’t hesitate to take action ad change you diet.

Intestinal worms can also cause appendicitis. Para Clnz can help the body fight parasites like worms.

Other times, foreign bodies (a little kid eating hair or swallowing a penny) or trauma can cause appendicitis. These are harder to prevent—but once they’ve happened, be sure to monitor for appendicitis symptoms!

After Appendicitis

Your appendix is a part of your immune system, specifically, the lymphatic system. It may also help the good bacteria in your gastrointestinal tract—another important part of your immune system.

Once you’ve had your appendix out, it may be worth adding some extra support to your health routine. A colloidal silver like MesoSilver can help support the immune system. Eating yogurt or taking a probiotic like Flora MGR (not at the same time as taking colloidal silver, which will kill the colonies!) can also help.

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