A new study has found that delaying and slowing dementia symptoms (the early stage of Alzheimer’s) may be as easy as continuing your morning coffee routine. Three cups a day is all it took to see a significant decline in Alzheimer’s Disease rates over a 2-4 year follow up.

Although the researchers were focused on measuring caffeine levels in the blood, not just any caffeine will do. Apparently, an unidentified component of coffee combined with caffeine has a known effect on delaying Alzheimer’s Disease.

While too much of anything can be bad for you, coffee has other benefits. Overall, having a couple of cups a day reduces the chances of death by about 10%. Compared to many alternatives, coffee has relatively few side-effects. Coffee may also benefit people with diabetes, heart disease, and risk for certain types of cancer.

Dementia symptoms can start occurring as early as the mid to late thirties. As baby boomers age, it’s expected that Alzheimer’s Disease rates will proportionately increase, and this has sparked an increase in research focused on treating and preventing dementia symptoms like memory loss.

What do you think of all the positive studies on coffee? Is coffee overhyped or an easy out? Share with us in the comments!


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