Throat examination


Probably. Unhealthy diets, lifestyles, pollution, and hereditary factors have created a perfect storm of widespread thyroid problems. To some degree, we’re just getting better at detecting them—thyroid panels aren’t one size fits all. Your age, race, location, family history, history of where you’ve lived, worked, and what you’ve done can all impact your thyroid health today. Different doctors do better at navigating thyroid issues. Weight gain (for example) might be a sign of thyroid dysfunction, but it’s so easy to make it a personal failing instead—sometimes, supporting thyroid health at the margins (even when tests say “normal enough”) can really improve your quality of health. Being a little off-center every day really adds up—so taking control, and starting supporting thyroid health with Thyroid MGR.

Where to begin? When it comes to supporting the thyroid, things are trickier than with other body parts. There’s a lot you don’t have control over, like family history, and exposure to radiation and other toxins you may have come into contact with through past events or work experiences. A healthy lifestyle is often not enough to turn thyroid health around, although diet can be a big factor if you’re struggling to reach optimal levels. It’s not just about eating healthy and cutting calories but eating the right things for thyroid health.

In fact, eating for your thyroid is important enough that we fortify foods—even sea salt now—with important thyroid nutrients, like iodine. Fortifying foods have solved the bulk of the problem (goiters) but we can still do better with higher quality, targeted nutrition, like that found in Thyroid MGR. Thyroid MGR is designed with herbs and important amino acids to help support the tissue of the thyroid and help it to balance itself, whether it’s an overactive thyroid or underactive thyroid.

Many people suffer from thyroid issues, and even if they realize it, may struggle with finding help and support for treating them. Don’t settle for “good enough”, take control with better support and improve how you feel, how you look, and the general quality of day-to-day life. Your thyroid is too important to ignore, make its health a priority with Thyroid MGR!


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