Support A Specialized Diet (For Cholesterol, Healthy Heart…)


Most people are interested in a healthy diet in order to maintain healthy weight loss, but there are numerous other health related special diets, for cholesterol, heart health, gluten allergies, and more.

Try An Asian Diet For Cholesterol, Healthy Heart, Glutten-Free, and More…

Indian and Japanese diets stand out among Asian cuisines as both cultures support a high number of vegetarians, as well as a number of other super healthy tendencies. Invest in a good cookbook, then enjoy the following benefits:
1) More healthy spices in your diet, like Turmeric. Turmeric contains curcumin, an antioxidant that may fight cancer, support a healthy heart, and a number of other benefits.
2) Many Japanese and Indian recipes are already gluten free. Gluten free food is best when it’s not trying to imitate food with gluten, like many American/European recipes. (Personal observation: even brown rice is more filling that quinoa).
3) Healthy meals. Eating less meat is great for supporting a healthy weight as well as a diet for cholesterol. And if you’re vegan/vegetarian, they’ve already figured out recipes that not only taste great, but support your nutritional needs (especially south Indian cuisine).

Healthy Snacks

You may already know that you can get a great desert out of Angel Food Cake, especially if you’re on a diet for cholesterol. But what about snacking between meals?

Washing and cutting veggies once a week makes them easy for a quick healthy snack, and the crunch helps you feel satisfied. Popcorn, apples, peanut/almond butter, or nuts can also be used as healthy snacks.

The trick to healthy snacks is 1) Pick them up from the grocery store when you’re not hungry and craving something sweet, and 2) Make them easily available so they work as snack-food.

What are your favorite tricks to supporting a special diet? Add to this article by contributing in the comments!


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