Have A Healthy Halloween


Halloween 2Whether you’ll be collecting candy or partying with hot doctors, clowns, and foxes, make sure tonight doesn’t derail your health!

Stay warm. Most costumes will leave you freezing—they’re too big/bulky/oddly shaped for a coat, or a coat will ruin the effect. Ideally, try and work something warm into your costume; if it’s store bought, see if you can fit warm layers under it. If you can’t, try and come up with a creative way to cover up. A cape, for example, can be wrapped around you.

Pace yourself. Whether you will be drinking or indulging in Halloween candy, try and keep the festivities reasonable. The candy is designed to keep for months, and the drinking, well, even if you go easy, watch out for others who may not have when you’re out driving.

Recuperate. Try coconut water to rehydrate post thirsty Thursday (Halloween edition). Drink it before bed and again when you wake up in the morning, especially if you still have work.

Be mindful of cold & flu season. Here in Colorado, we often get snow on Halloween. Combined with lots of contact with strangers, tanking your nutrition for candy, a late night, and possibly alcohol, you’ve got a recipe to get sick (a weakened immune system plus exposure to germs)! If you haven’t yet, turn the humidifier on and run the tea kettle (you can even have tea while you’re at it) to help humidify your home or office and decrease flu transmission.

Here’s are some fun, slightly healthier foods for the fall holidays:

Cider. Not the legit, hard stuff, just some warmed apple juice with add cinnamon, nutmeg, allspice, and maybe cloves (pick the recipe that suits you). It will be slightly healthier than other drink, and it will help steam your air while filling your home with fall smells!

-Pumpkin anything. Gourds are pretty nutritious. If you’ll be enjoying cookies and pie, add a little nutrition (though it won’t excuse the sugar) by using pumpkin.

-Baked squash. Enjoy squash being in season with some nutrient packed gourds—no added sugar or fat necessary.

If you go crazy on Halloween, (and will again on other holidays) try our digestive enzyme to help you through it. Really going crazy? Better try non-stimulating, all natural Slim NRG.

What are your Halloween plans?


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