Supporting A Healthy Diet With Sneaky Exercise


How to diet safely can be an issue for anyone trying to maintain a healthy weight. But a healthy diet combined with (sneaky) exercise can be fairly easy to accomplish, and the health rewards plentiful!

How To Diet Safely

First, it’s important to consult with your healthcare practitioner when starting a new exercise regime or changing diets, especially if you have other conditions.

A balanced, healthy diet consists of a small portion of lean meat (about a fist in size) with whole grains, and lots of fruit and veggies.
When dieting, some people like to substitute a meal with a protein shake. Protein shakes can satiate hunger while providing a good source of protein. To maintain a healthy diet, it’s best not to substitute more than one meal per day with a protein shake, and to ensure that other nutrients are included in the diet (via a daily multivitamin).

Some fad diets may suggest fasting, or modified fasting, in order to cleanse or lose weight fast. For many people this is not how to diet safely. Avoid fad diets and any extreme cleanse that requires eating less than 1500 calories per day, or do so only under the guide of a nutritionist.

What’s Sneaky Exercise?

Many studies have found that people who don’t sit still and fidget or move subtly throughout the day are thinner and healthier than their super-still counter parts.

Sneaky Exercise is about incorporating small movement into your day. Tap your feet rather than sit still (which is very, very bad for you). Try standing or pacing during phone calls or meetings. Walk a little bit more (it’s estimated that a healthy person takes about 10,000 steps per day), and take the stairs when possible.

Each bit of extra exercise helps maintain overall health. Incorporating it into your day, rather than just as a set time (you should still exercise 30 minutes 5 times a week) helps build a healthy lifestyle, not just a healthy diet.

Support A Healthy Diet With Natural Supplements

People diet with different goals. Here are some handy natural supplements to aid a few:

Slim NRG: Slim NRG is a natural way to support weight loss. Full of natural herbs that aren’t stimulating, it may help fight sweet cravings when taken before meals.

Vegan Protein Complete and Welltrient Whey: If you’re looking for a protein powder, Vegan Protein Complete is a filling, soy free option, while Welltrient Whey supports both bone and muscle health for the active dieter.

Colon CLNr: For those looking to detox as they diet (fat cells may release toxins absorbed in the past), Colon CLNr is a safe, gently way to support gastrointestinal detox.

Welltrient One: A general multivitamin, it’s the first step to supporting a healthy diet, especially if you are lowering your calorie intake.

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What ways do you incorporate sneaky exercise into your day? (Sitting on an exercise ball at work, having a standing desk…).


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