Legumes May Improve Diabetes Symptoms


Diet can be everything when it comes to managing symptoms of diabetes, and legumes may be another tool to add to your arsenal!

A good source of protein and a cheap addition to any meal, researchers found that adding a cup of legumes (chickpeas, lentils, beans) to you daily diet helped participants lower blood markers for diabetes as well as lose weight, and they did so better than some other dietary changes.

As part of a healthy diet, legumes could be a good way for diabetics to help control diabetes symptoms—researchers hope that the collective effects of a staples in a healthy diet, such as legumes, can lead to better management & less treatment of symptoms of diabetes.

Plus, legumes are filling. If you’re working on a weight loss plan, they can be a good backbone to a meal. If you’re on a budget, legumes add nutrients and a bit of protein (if you want to eat healthfully for cheap, look at other cultures—people had food figured out much better before the introduction of cheap, high calorie check-out items like candy bars or mac and cheese from a box).

Also nice: most legumes pair well with other health superstars. Look for lentil recipes that feature cumin/turmeric to add an antioxidant punch to the dish.

What are your favorite legumes and legume recipes?



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