Odds are, you’ll get at least mildly sick between now and the end of the year. A sinus infection, a cold, the flu, or even food poisoning (including Norovirus) are all common this time of year. What not everyone knows is that you have to replenish your gut bacteria after any of these illnesses—not just food poisoning. You can support and replenish your gut with Flora MGR—a probiotic supplement with a wide variety of bacteria shown to be beneficial.

What about being sick harms your gut bacteria? Antibiotics will kill good bacteria along with the bad, but even if you don’t get antibiotics, a fever can do the same. If it’s a milder illness, a change in diet (including post-nasal drip and all that mucus that gets swallowed!) can start a change in your gut, and potentially introduce new bad bacteria. Medications besides antibiotics may also change or kill gut bacteria. If you’re sick long enough, lifestyle may even become a factor. For example, congestion or a cough might keep you from your normal exercise routine, which promotes a healthy gut biome. Coughs can linger for months, and you might get sick again before it clears—that could potentially be a long time frame for an accidental but big lifestyle change! That’s why when you’re sick, and especially when you’re healing, it’s important to find ways to continue to support your good bacteria (or probiotics).

Being sick can kill off your good bacteria, introduce bad bacteria, and just generally cause changes to your microbiome. Make sure to focus on gut health as you recover with a probiotic supplement like Flora MGR, probiotic rich foods like yogurt, kefir, and certain pickled products, and a prebiotic rich diet (lots of vegetables). Good habits also support the growth of good bacteria (and vice versa—good bacteria make you more inclined toward good habits) so be sure to make things like like quality sleep and a little exercise part of your recovery.

A supplement like Flora MGR is a particularly useful choice since many probiotic foods are also dairy, and dairy can exacerbate mucus problems, which isn’t ideal when you’re sick. A supplement skips the dairy, the calories, the meal planning, and the worry and introduces a wide variety of good bacteria straight to the gut.

Before you get sick, make sure you’ve got plenty of probiotic support. Keep Flora MGR on hand so you can always support good gut health.

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