Ride Out Dietary Changes


Christmas FoodTrying to lose weight? Eat Healthier? Trying an elimination diet so you’ll feel better? Or maybe you’re traveling, spending a day in the car, going through the airport, and ending up in a place with different cuisine? You could just be staying home and enjoying seasonal treats.

Whether it’s planned or unintentional, there are lots of reasons that our diets may change, and they happen all the time. Day to day, week to week, we make little decisions that could majorly impact our diet.

First—always have lots of fruits and veggies planned into your diet. A momentary lapse into sugar can really draw you away from eating healthy. Sugar triggers your brain to crave more sugar, and you can be sliding downhill before you know it!

Second—eat probiotics regularly, whether it’s a fermented food like yogurt, kimchi, ot other pickled/refrigerated snack. Probiotics are rich in good bacteria that support digestion, and help fight food poisoning by beating and crowding out invading bad bacteria. Can’t guarantee a probiotic rich snack? Try a supplement like Flora MGR. Easy Peasy.

Third—Take a daily multivitamin. Have the security of knowing you’re getting all your nutritional needs met whether you’re enjoying treats at home, stuck at the office, traveling, or somewhere with new or different foods.

Fourth—Drink water! (Just while we’re on the subject.) If you’re traveling, working long hours, or whatever, it’s just as easy to accidentally let yourself get dehydrated. Water is essential. It also helps digestion, nutrient absorption, and more!

What do you do to ensure good nutrition?


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