angus cowScarily, the amount of antibiotic resistant bacteria in meat (turkey, pork, and beef), especially when ground, is rising. New reports have found that about anywhere from 10-50% of meat is contaminated depending on which strain of bacteria you look at.

Why? Most likely it has to do with the overuse of antibiotics in ranching. Beyond properly using them to treat illness in animals, ranchers use them as prevention, and to cheaply boost animal growth. In areas where this sort of antibiotic abuse is banned, antibiotic resistant bacteria start to disappear (leaving just the normal sort). Proponents of antibiotic use, which is paid for in part by special interest groups, say that contamination is happening down the line and not related.

Salmonella, e. coli, and other bacteria contaminating this meat generally dies when you cook it (although that means cooking your burgers brown all the way through). It can, however, end up in your kitchen—so make sure to clean surfaces that touch raw meat well and separate things as you go.

Since laws probably won’t change, you have to vote with your dollar—buy meat that isn’t raised with antibiotics. You’ll (usually) be getting a better meal too, so there is an immediate, tangible benefit as well!

If you like your meat pink, try having a dessert that has some sort of probiotic in it. FroYo, smoothies, and other treats can be good sources. You can also keep your immune system strong everyday with MesoSilver colloidal silver.

What do you think of he overuse of antibiotics, superbugs, and meat?


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