Weight Watch: Mid Summer Check-In


Diet SodaHopefully you’re enjoying the sun this summer, swimming, hiking, and playing comfortably, regardless of your current shape. But if you’re still working to get more fit, here’s the latest.

Diet soda is officially out as far as weight and health go. While some studies have found that diet items (like soda) may make people more comfortable eating/drinking more, a weight of research now paints it as bad for you in soooo many ways!

First of note: diet soda (artificial sweetener in general) doesn’t help you to avoid putting on weight. It’s a consequence of the overall bad effects on your health. Artificial sweetener is actually worse than sugar: while they can both lead to obesity, artificial sweetener also messes up your body in other ways.

It encourages your body to prefer sweet things, but because artificial sugar isn’t digestible, your body will be confused when you do it real sugar. It also affects your insulin levels—the extra sweetness of artificial sugar triggers a bunch of insulin to be released that your body can’t use. This confusion also causes your metabolism to slow down, so you will gain weight even if you follow an otherwise healthy diet.

So stick to sodas as an occasional treat. If you need a flavored drink, try watered down juice, a drop of bitters in water (this can also keep it fresh), a few slices of fresh fruit, or mint leaves.

And here’s something positive to add to your diet: cheese! At the end of a meal, cheese will make your stomach feel full. It will also encourage saliva production which can help prevent cavities!

What tricks do you have for your diet?


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