Woman Eating Ice CreamResearch is getting thorough when it comes to addressing the obesity epidemic. Why is it getting worse when there are dozens of tips, on which foods to eat, which types of exercise, and how to integrate them all into your diet? When our schools are getting more proactive with the lunches and classes they provide?

Because we’re all unique. In fact, all roads are pointing back to one thing when it comes to multiple (probably all) aspects of our health: probiotics. Everyone, even among identical twins, has their own set of gut bacteria. How and where you’re born starts you off. What you eat, where you go, your hygiene habits, everything cultivates one or another different strands.

And research on why certain “amazing” diets work for one person and not another is pointing to it, too. It turns out, people need diets specific to their own microbiome, and it’s not all salads and veggies. Ice cream and more may be a part of a healthy diet!

If you want to copy the research, they were looking for blood sugar peaks—and finding that even healthy foods may cause them for some people. Easy enough to track with your phone and the same equipment used for tracking diabetes.

Or, you could cultivate a healthier gut biome. That’s the root of things afterall.

What influences your gut?

For the better, healthy foods will eventually lead to healthier bacteria. Exercise, good hygiene (hand washing, food preparation), and other obvious good habits will lead to a healthier stomach. You can speed it along by eating more probiotics (fermented foods like yogurt) or taking a probiotic supplement.

For the worse, illness, antibiotics, and more can kill off your good gut bacteria, or even leave room for bad bacteria (or fungi, or viruses) to get in and cause havoc.

The future of health is absolutely probiotics, and ensuring that our natural bacteria are supporting it!

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