Autumn TrailFor some people, the signal that rain is coming isn’t a dark cloud blowing in, it’s an ache in a limb, or a twinge and a stab of pain. Others will have aches from autumn chores like raking leaves, removing other yard debris, etc. Even autumn fun like hiking and other cool weather activities can leave muscles and joints aching and sore.

But you don’t have to bear it. You don’t have to smell like a medicine cabinet. You don’t have to pop pain pills.

Start by supporting your body, and finding natural remedies for muscle aches and joint pain. If they aren’t enough, then talk to your doctor about stronger treatments. But if you can treat it with something natural, it will be far more gentle for you in the long run.

– Start with a good multivitamin. As summer ends and we start to get less sun, Vitamin D levels drop off. Bone density also thins out in the winter. Make sure you have both Vitamin D and Calcium in your diet (a supplement is good insurance) so your body is able to function properly!

Support your immune system. Getting a cold or worse—the flu—will wildly exacerbate muscle aches and pains you’re already having.

– Take time for yourself. Yoga, exercise, a warm bath—make sure that you’re supporting and resting your body so that it can heal from other activities.

– Try Dakota Muscle Relief. It smells like peppermint—so much better than the throat tightening alternative. It’s also all natural, which I think is pretty essential if you’re going to be rubbing something on your skin (which is very absorbent).

I like the rub-on for aches and soreness—it’s a mini massage. But if you need something for a minor sprain, the spray may be a better option for you.

– And speaking of a massage, you might want to try an alternative care professional before you see a doctor for chronic aches. A massage therapist, a chiropractor, an acupressurist—they will focus on treatment and relief. In many places, a doctor will prescribe you a pill (or thinking you’re faking to get pills and send you home to take advil) and that will be it. Doctors are outnumbered by patients to the point of absurdity—try someone who has time for you first.

What Health Concerns does Autumn bring for you?


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