Hep C News: New Health Risk & An Australian Outbreak


Hepatitis C Linked To Cerebrovascular-Related Death

A new long-term study posted on Cardiology Today has found a correlation between having Hep C (especially having higher viral loads) and dying from a cerebrovascular illness.

Cerebrovascular illnesses include hypertension, ischemia (restriction in blood supply), stroke, aneurysms, etc.

While there are plans to do further research which may lead to an anti-viral that will reduce cerebrovascular related deaths, steps those suffering from hepatitis can take now include looking for ways to lower their viral load (supplementing with natural anti-virals can’t hurt), and to protect their vascular health by monitoring blood pressure and modifying their current diet, exercise, and stress reduction plans.

More Hep C Outbreaks Tied To A Visit To The Doctor

You may remember this summer the audit that revealed many outpatient centers fail to follow procedures that stop the spread of infection.

Now, in Australia, what is being called “an extraordinary outbreak on a global scale” has taken place, where an anesthesiologist has been accused of exposing Hepatitis C to over 1000 people.

Although the method of transmission has yet to be determined, foul play was suspected as transmission would be unlikely if it was not intentional. However, the anesthesiologist had a pethidine addiction, and it’s not impossible to imagine a scenario where he was using the equipment on himself first, which is not unheard of.

Hepatitis C is a contagious disease that affects the liver. For more information click here.

What do you think of all the Hep C outbreaks? Some have criticized the Australian government for not telling all of the anesthesiologist’s patients about the outbreak right away (he worked at several clinics). Compared to the American outbreak earlier this year, what procedures do you think should be followed when these outbreaks occur?


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