What Does It Mean To Have A “Weakened Immune System?”


Many of the diseases and conditions mentioned on the Colloids For Life blog are more prone to occur to people with a weakened immune system, or stand a higher risk of becoming serious or even life threatening for those with weakened immune systems.

But what does it mean to have a weakened immune system?

Your immune system works throughout your body to prevent and fight illnesses by keeping out pathogens and toxins. Your digestive tract (especially your liver), your skin, and your lymphatic system are three important aspects of the immune system. Your immune system can be weakened, then, in a number of ways. Diseases like AIDS weaken the immune system, lowering your T-Cell count (part of the lymphatic system). Treatments and medications for cancer and organ transplants can also weaken the immune system. Then there are lifestyle contributions—poor diet, stress, not taking care of yourself when you’re sick, all of these can negatively impact your immune system.

When your immune system is weak, it’s harder for your body to fight off and process pathogens and other toxins, and if you’re already sick, a comparatively minor disease such as a cold can last weeks and potentially lead to serious complications.

What are the Best Immune System Boosters?

First, make a general practice of taking care of yourself in order to prevent problems. Exercise, rest, and eating right all support the proper and healthy functioning of your body. For digestion, a key entry point into the body, make sure to eat a wide array of nutrients (if you’re not sure you’re getting them all, consider a multi-vitamin). Your body needs a full array of amino acids, vitamins, minerals, “good” cholesterol, and a little fat to build the enzymes and other supporting elements of your immune system (not to mention to aid in proper digestion and cell function). You can also supplement with enzymes if your body has trouble building them. Probiotics, or the “good” bacteria found in yogurt that help keep out bad bacteria and ease digestion are another element to consider adding to your diet or supplement regime.

A key component of your digestive tract’s immune system function is the liver, which processes toxins. Take care of your liver by minimizing or eliminating consumption of alcohol, as well as processed foods or foods with a lot of additives that your body can’t break apart (artificial sweetener has recently been accused of causing people with sensitive digestion stomach troubles, for example). Another thing you can do for you liver is to cleanse it for toxins. You can choose a product to help with the cleanse, or you can simply go on a diet of non-processed health foods, just make sure that you are eating enough calories and getting plenty of nutritious foods at each meal.

There are also supplements designed to support your immune system, such as vitamin combinations specifically designed to boost your immune system.

Whatever your immune system’s current state, and however you choose to boost your immune system, make sure to see your doctor if any disease shows signs of complications.


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