Meningitis Symptoms Include Headache


Meningitis Symptoms Include HeadacheA new round of warnings are being sent out to anyone who received an injection from the facility who manufactured the contaminated spinal injections. Meningitis symptoms are continuing to appear, deaths are continuing to pile up, and although many were cleared as not at risk for spinal meningitis, they are being given a new warning.

The original window for the expected appearance of spinal meningitis symptoms passed more than a week ago, but the fungus causing the spinal meningitis is not behaving as expected. Spinal meningitis symptoms are appearing out of order, with abscesses at the injection site occurring after the development of brain symptoms.

So, if you already know you’ve been exposed, don’t stop watching for spinal meningitis symptoms! The state of Tennessee is contacting its residents, but other states may not be as proactive.

Meanwhile, congress, the FDA and state regulators are throwing blame back and forth. The truth is the FDA can’t possibly regulate everything you would hope (with the amount of food/toothpaste/etc. alone on the market, back of a napkin math says it would take 1 in 4 Americans working for the FDA to inspect every batch of every product sold). Bottom line, whoever gets the blame, the problem isn’t going to be completely solved, nor could they guarantee it wouldn’t happen again.

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