Tinea Versicolor: A Fungus That Affects Oily Skin


Tinea Versicolor is a yeast infection that causes a discoloration of the skin. In most cases it can be easily treated with home remedies, but for many people the yeast infection will recur chronically. A fairly common skin infection, tinea versicolor may affect up to 8% of the population.

Malassezia globosa, Malassezia furfur, and Pityrosporum ovale can all cause tinea versicolor. Naturally existing on the skin, these fungi can become a problem when there is excess heat and humidity, or if the immune system is weak. Once triggered, heat and humidity or excessive sweating can cause a relapse of the fungus.

Tinea versicolor looks like a skin rash on the chest, arms, legs, or back (sometimes the neck or face). It can be a range of colors from tans to pinks and reds, and may cause decreased pigmentation in people with dark skin and increased pigmentation in people with light skin. The change in skin pigmentation can be made more noticeable with exposure to the sun, and will likely last for weeks after the fungus has been killed.

The spots of tinea versicolor can merge into a bigger “skin rash”, and may be itchy, dry, or even scaly. Generally, Tinea versicolor spots have sharp borders and are easily identified.

Antifungal washes, and sometimes oral antifungal medications are generally used in the treatment of tinea versicolor. To treat it at home, use topical natural antifungals such as tea tree oil and colloidal silver, as well as anti-inflammatories. Wear breathable clothes, and try to reduce sweat and dead skin cells which feed fungi. Although effective, hydrogen peroxide may cause scarring, so be careful.

Tell your doctor if you have tinea versicolor as medications like antibiotics may worsen fungal infections.

What home remedies do you know of to treat tinea versicolor? Share in the comments!


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