Upset in the scientific community has left many wondering what is Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS) caused by?

In 2009 a study broke ground, claiming to find a viral cause for fatigue in CFS, bringing the condition away from psychological treatment. After further examination, however, there might be evidence that the virus in the study was the result of contamination, invalidating the results. The study has been withdrawn.

Which revives the question, what is CFS caused by? What causes fatigue generally (assuming no obvious cause like recent physical exertion) can range from an infection to a vitamin deficiency.

Many scientists still believe that what causes CFS is an infection of some sort, a small persistent one that wouldn’t show other symptoms like fever or inflammation, but which might cause fatigue by straining the immune system all the same.

Making sure that all nutritional needs are met and supporting the immune system with colloidal silver can’t hurt, and at the least may help prevent other problems that would worsen CFS.

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