Tea Time WomanYou may have made a holiday gift list, but how about a list of ways to improve your health in the New Year?

Most people focus on their health when writing up a New Year’s resolution—but it’s no longer all about appearances. If you’re looking to foster a healthier lifestyle, try making small swaps rather than big, hard to stick to changes. To get you started, we’ve already generated some ideas that are small changes with potentially big improvements!

-Switch to a high quality multivitamin. That stuff you can get at the grocery store is repeatedly found to have a number of issues when it’s tested by third parties. Lots of fillers, a random amount/number of ingredients, even contaminants and, just last year, a high profile case of adding stimulants.

A high quality multivitamin: has no fillers including NO trans-fat stearates, high quality ingredients in high, well-balanced amounts (compare labels—if you think something isn’t just junk, it still is probably offering less than a high quality multivitamin), and vitamins and minerals in forms that are easily absorbed by the gut and used by the body.

Pretty easy to see how you can benefit by switching to a higher quality product.

-Swap out your afternoon coffee/tea for something decaf. Avoiding caffeine after lunch may be better for your cardiovascular system, and helps prevent insomnia. (Try our Jiaogulan Tea!).

-Try to put more movement into your day. Sneaky exercise is the idea that you can make everything you do just a little bit healthier, whether you’re running errands, doing housework, sitting at a desk, anything. And it’s quite caught on—from standing/walking desks to YouTube videos showing you how to workout while you do just about anything.

-Switch to real immune support. Forget adding more of one particular vitamin to your diet—if you’re already taking a high quality multivitamin, you’ve got enough nutrition (on the other hand, if you’re not…). Colloidal silver has been used as immune support for thousands of years, and is easily and safely added to your diet (barring a silver allergy).

-Try a safer cleanse. If you’re planning to start the year with an “out with the old” detox, try one of our cleanses and detoxes. Add something to your diet rather than deprive yourself, and support the function of your colon, liver, and more, rather than mess with your body by depriving it.

-Consider a different way to get the gunk out. If you’ve got a sinus infection (it may be a mild winter, but it’s still dry out) or just some extra runoff, rather than blow, learn how to do a sinus rinse, and for when it’s really bad, a sinus flood. Once you learn how, it’s pretty quick and offers deep relief.

What changes are you making next year?


Mesosilver® Colloidal Silver

Colloidal silver MesoSilver is an all-natural, drug-free dietary supplement that acts as an unparalleled supplement to the immune system. Use it to fight off pathogens and keep your body healthy.

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