While Flint Michigan’s plight has left many aghast (and it’s ongoing, by the way), it’s also inspired some to dig deeper, and found that coast to coast, top to bottom, America has a lead problem.

Children get seen by doctors regularly, and doctors perform routine tests for lead and are supposed to report it, but a closer check on things has found that lead poisoning in children (no level of lead is safe) may be both under-reported and under-treated. Remember, if it’s affecting kids, it’s affecting adults, too, so this is a community wide problem.

As things go, it may not be surprising to learn that communities who don’t expect to have lead are getting the least attention and treatments. With how widespread lead contamination has begun, it’s worth checking on in your own home and community (tests are very affordable and available at home improvement stores).

How is it so unchecked? Don’t we have the best water? There are examples of low water quality everywhere, including big ones where overt contamination is an issue. One of the things dug up post-Flint is that almost every city has adopted a cheat to test their water: running the pipes for twenty minutes first to lower the lead level before a sample. So the published water quality report for your city may not be accurate.

And think about it, we all kind of subtlety acknowledge the ongoing problem of water contamination as evidenced by the new food trend to avoid root vegetables, which may be negligibly higher in some things.

If you want to take action, start at home be testing your own water and pipes (because old pipes are sometimes the source, not the city supply). If you’re worried and want to detox, do something safe like adding Zeolite to your diet for a short while. Formed from volcanic rock and ash layers mixing with groundwater, Zeolite has a cage like structure that readily pulls out larger elements. Humic and fulvic acid has lots of minerals and replenishes you after the cleanse.

For daily detox support, try Spirulina. Spirulina is high in chlorophyll which may help remove heavy metals.

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