tea-break-businesswomanA cup of tea is filled with cultural significance, from formal occasions to a warm “cuppa” in your hands for heavier moments—it’s known as a source of comfort, a way to de-stress and even a way to calm insomnia.

But a cup of tea can also mean deeper health benefits than just the mental ones we attribute to it. Jiaogulan Tea has many associations with various aspects of health, and is even known as the “Tea of Life” in the region it’s grown.

Originally described as a treatment for ulcers, Jiaogulan is now exalted for its heart supporting benefits. It’s full of flavonoids, antioxidants, and other health supporting compounds. In fact, it’s not just a regular cup of tea to help you de-stress, it’s actually been associated with helping you to resist stress.

What other health benefits have become associated with Jiaogulan over the centuries?

-In Chinese medicine, Jiaogulan is associated with better respiratory health. Make sure to have a pot ready when the cold and flu hit this year!

-It may even offer liver support, at least for non-alcoholic fatty liver disease. The liver is under-loved (especially in our modern world full of toxins!) and can always use a little extra support!

-There’s a correlation between Jiaogulan and lower blood sugar (just go easy on the honey, agave, or sugar you may want to add).

-Not to be left out, your colon may even be supported by a warm cup of Jiaogulan.

-Finally, even though Jiaogulan tea is caffeine-free, some say it helps with endurance, making it a great way to start your day, or to just pick up your afternoon.

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