Halloween CoookiesJunk food has been on its way out for over a decade. We’re putting real chocolate in what was once just “chocolate”, lowering salt and sugar content, getting rid of trans fat, and more.

People are making healthier choices, and even setting out teal pumpkins to denote allergen-free alternatives. With the lure of discounted candy on November first, here’s some ways to make Halloween a little healthier.

First, know what all those ingredients are. You can look at a list of common ones by clicking here, but the worst one to watch out for is TBHQ, which is derived from butane!

Of course, you can always make your own, controlling all the ingredients, and limiting how much you eat.

Then, there’s grown-up Halloween treats.

If you’re out drinking on Halloween night (it will be a weekend, afterall), beware the flashy drinks.

Gimmicks abound for Halloween inspired drinks. Dry ice makes a spooky cocktail, but it can also burn your stomach. While common sense may allow for safe consumption, alcohol tends to remove that. While not entirely legal, caffeine may make an appearance. Things that stave-off passing out means that you drink longer, and come closer to overdoing it.

Then there are a number of hangover theories, including that sugar will make it worse. Plan what your drink based on your past reactions. If you want extra support the next day, Glycemic MGRx is surprisingly helpful!

Another thing to plan ahead for: driving. With all our medical advancements, there’s no getting around the damage that car accidents cause. With more options than ever, including several apps that offer cheaper options, there’s no reason to roll the dice.

If, the first week of November, you’re feeling sick—caught something at a party, bobbing for apples, or stressing your immune system by staying up late, remember to give your immune system a little boost. Try our Immune Support pack (featuring MesoSilver!) to get a little boost (order now so you have it on hand).

What holiday treats do you most look forward to?


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