Food is an important component of humanity—not just because we need to eat to survive, but because for tens of thousands of years we’ve been selecting and cultivating the plants and other foods that make us feel our best. With the modern diet and processed foods, you may not be getting those benefits in your daily diet. Fortunately, supplements like Maitake Beta Glucan Extract help us get the benefits not just of general balanced and varied nutrients, but of health supporting plants from across the globe—even if they’re rare like some mushrooms.

Mushrooms are one of those important plants. Every continent has mushroom hunters–people seeking out the rarest and best mushrooms from nature. While some mushrooms can be cultivated, (and some with only enormous difficulty), others can only be found in the wild. Mushrooms do not translate across geography—knowing your local varieties may actually be a disadvantage if you move somewhere else (where what you think is safe is not).

And there’s a reason mushrooms are so sought after. It’s not just their savory, nutty flavor—they’re good for us. Studies show that various mushrooms may stimulate immune cells, enhance how our immune systems function, and even help balance it. In Eastern medicine, these functions have long been known, and prescribed for better health.

Getting these benefits into your diet is trickier. My own grocery store has only a small and inconsistent variety of mushrooms, and mostly what’s locally grown.

But you can harness their immune boosting powers in a supplement with Maitake Beta Glucan Extract. With a balance of mushrooms modern studies have found to be stimulating and beneficial, you can support your health with this important plant each day.


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