Multivitamins are great, and are an important safety net that ensures you get all the nutrition you need. But they aren’t the only supplement you could benefit from.

Colloidal supplements are pure, nano sized particles suspended in water. Smaller particle size (and higher concentrations) means more surface area (more effective) and particles can more easily pass through—and eventually out of—the body (safer). They also aren’t, or are minimally, ionized. Ionized supplements, often sold as “colloids”, aren’t really colloidal mixtures, they’re solutions, and they’re particles will react to other charged particles.

So what kind of colloids can support your health?

Colloidal Silver: Silver has a long history of use for its antimicrobial properties, and is still used today to support wound healing. Colloidal silver can support your immune system as a daily supplement, or as an occasional boost.

Why would you need to support your immune system? Because lots of factors weaken it—chronic illness, age, stress, or even certain genetic factors.

Colloidal Gold: People who take colloidal gold daily report that they have improved focus, memory, concentration, and other mental skills. Nano sized gold is also being used in experimental treatments, because gold is safe (side effect free) in the body.

Favorite reasons to take colloidal gold include: improved sports focus, better concentration at work or school, mental clarity during stressful times.

Colloidal Copper: Copper is a necessary nutrient that’s essential for building collagen (firm skin) and other biological roles.

Take colloidal copper to support ageing skin and general health. There’s also been a lot of talk lately that copper’s role in pigment means that having enough in your diet will prevent gray hair. It’s a pretty low-risk thing to try, although it will take longer than a dye-job.

Which colloidal supplements have benefitted you? Share in the comments:


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