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Apples and Measuring TapeAnd an actual study behind it! Here’s the “trick“: you need to work hard for your health for about a year, then your body will do better at remembering how it “should” look—or in other words, it takes almost a year to retrain your hormones.

Swimming Against The Tide

If you’re trying to lose weight, you need to make a year-long maintenance plan and realize that you’re going to start out hungry but that eventually, your body will figure out what’s up.

Researchers found that after losing weight, study participants had a hormone spike, where their body was basically encouraging them to eat back the calories they lost to maintain the weight it used to, but that hormone levels adjusted to the new normal over time.

If you’re trying to lose a lot of weight, I’d add a year of maintenance after reaching your goal; although your body will adjust along the way, it will always get more manageable. What kind of maintenance? Meal plans! (Hopefully, exercise becomes a regular thing you enjoy and isn’t as premeditated once you’re feeling healthy). Meal dessert plans are a great way to maintain success and retrain your body. (And hey, support those efforts with our non-stimulant, all-natural weight loss pill).

Not So Simple?

Of course, there’s certainly more going on than just hormones. A study can only look at one thing at a time!

One of the more significant factors we’ve uncovered in losing and maintaining weight is your probiotic makeup. Your probiotic colonies are heavily influenced by what you eat (you’re feeding them, too, after all, and of course, there’s a correlation between good health, good bacteria, and good food), where you go, what you do, and even how you feel. And vice versa! We may have a less free choice than we think—sometimes, bad bacteria influence us to take another bite, be depressed, or skip a workout.

So make sure you’re working with your good bacteria by building overall habits that support them! And, hey, cheat a little with a probiotic supplement that delivers more good bacteria to your digestive tract!


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