Raspberry YogurtAnother study has strongly emphasized the correlation between healthy gut bacteria (probiotics) and a healthy weight.

The newest study looked at babies, and found that what gut bacteria they had was strongly correlated with whether they gained weight at a healthy pace or not.

Digestion, nutrient absorption, inflammation, all of these can be impacted by the probiotics in our gut. They help fend off foreign pathogens by leaving no place for them to enter. They can reduce your chance of having other, nastier bacteria hanging out on your body (like staph).

So how can you harness the power of probiotics? It’s really easy:

-Eat a probiotic everyday. Any fermented food will do. (Yogurt is the most common one, but there are other options—canned pickles that need refrigeration, for example).

-Visit Colloids For Life, and pick up a probiotic supplements (especially useful if you can’t eat dairy or don’t have a natural grocer nearby with other probiotic rich foods). And if you’re looking to lose weight, also check out natural supplements for weight loss.

-Eat prebiotics, or foods that support the growth of those good bacteria. Easily available prebiotics include cooked onion, raw banana, many other raw veggies, and cooked whole wheat flour. So, a good snack would be chopped banana in yogurt!

Do you make your own probiotics? What are your favorite recipes?


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