Fresh Squeezed OrangesVitamin C has been strongly tied to a lower risk of stroke. People with normal Vitamin C levels had fewer strokes, while people with lower Vitamin C levels were more likely to suffer a stroke. People who had Vitamin C levels low enough to be considered deficient were far more likely to suffer a stroke.

Vitamin C isn’t the first Vitamin to be tied to lower stroke levels—B Vitamins, which lower homocysteine levels, have also been shown to lower stroke risk.

Besides having important roles in the body, Vitamins have powerful antioxidant effects. Inflammation, which contributes to stroke risk, can be curtailed with a steady stream of antioxidants in the diet.

You can get more Vitamin C by eating more broccoli, oranges, peppers, thyme, and strawberries. If you diet is full of dark green veggies as well as a colorful array of fruits, you’re probably all right. If you have days where you’re eating out of the office vending machine, you might consider adding a safety net like Welltrient One or Triple Strength Antioxidant.

New research has found that people who are younger, as well as women are at a greater risk for stroke than previously thought. While a first defense is taking preventative steps like eating healthy—you should also be prepared by knowing the signs of stroke. Slurred speech, a slump to one side of the body (arms may not rise over head, a sudden limp, or a facial slump) and you should call an ambulance immediately. Time is crucial when a stroke is happening.

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