Depressed ManSeveral small studies have found that taking an anti-inflammatory along with antidepressants helps the antidepressants work better with fewer side-effects.

The more simple version may be to try working more antioxidants into your diet—which mostly amounts to eating more fruits and vegetables. Eating fewer inflammation causing foods will almost certainly help, too (if you’ve ever switched from a junk food binge to a healthier diet, you probably know the feeling of the mental and physical fog lifting).

Inflammation causing foods are anything fried, processed sugar, and processed foods with preservatives like trans fats.

If you want to take a natural approach to fighting depression, use the method of escalation—start with the simplest solution, then get more aggressive as needed. In this case, start with dietary changes.

Then, if you want to take it a step further, try an antioxidant rich supplement like Triple Strength Anti-Oxidant. Or try a supplement that will support your immune system to fight off inflammation like nano Colloidal Silver.

The studies looked at people fighting inflammation alongside taking an antidepressant. If you have mild depression, try starting with dietary changes before adding the risk of side-effects from medication. If you want to stay natural, try a St. John’s Wort based supplement like DSA MGRx.

Exercise can also help boost your mood and fight depression. Regular exercise that spurs weight loss can have an even bigger effect.

If all else fails, recent research suggests talk therapy is more effective in many cases than a prescription.

And of course, as winter weather sets in, beware that you might actually have Seasonal Depression. Getting fresh air, some sunlight, and a vitamin D supplement will help!

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