Jiaogulan (pronounced Je-ow-go-lan) is a loose leaf organic tea made from a vine that grows in China, Vietnam, Korea and Japan. It is traditionally used as a medicinal herb that supports longevity/antiaging (it is locally known as the “immortality herb”).

Some studies have found positive benefits from Jiaogulan, supporting its claim of being an antiaging product. It may have positive benefits on heart health, as well as strengthening the immune system overall. Jiaogulan is also being studied as a tool for diabetics to control blood glucose levels, although research is ongoing.

A member of cucumber’s plant family, Jiaogulan has shown no toxicity, and can be safely drunk daily, either as a single cup or a pot brewed multiple times. Our Jiaogulan Tea is grown organically, too!

It has a taste similar to, but much stronger than green tea. More delicate than black tea, it should be prepared with the water not quite at a boil and steeped for only a couple of minutes to avoid bitterness.

Because Jiaogulan may have positive effects on the heart, it may also interact/interfere with heart medications, as well as medications designed to suppress the immune system.

If you’re a tea lover already, Jiaogulan is a great herbal tea to add to your collection, not just for the taste but for the potential health benefits!

Try a cup of Organic Jiaogulan Loose Leaf Tea and let us know what you think!


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