Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) are those depression like feelings that crop up during the darker fall and winter months. With less light, our circadian rhythm gets messed up, we get less Vitamin D, and we can feel down. But some people are more at risk than others—are you at risk?

If you’re further north, at a lower altitude, get a lot of snow or other sky blocking weather, that’s one risk factor. With less sun year round, being further north means extra short days and even less sunlight in the winter—fueling SAD. But there are other risk factors, too. Women are known to be at a higher risk, and a new study has revealed another risk factor: dark eyes.

People with brown eyes are more resistant to sunlight and the mood boosting Vitamin D it gives, putting them at greater risk for seasonal depression. Meanwhile, people with blue eyes are more resistant to getting SAD.

For those with blue eyes, it’s the beneficial corollary to being at an increased risk for sun damaged eyes and other eye problems. For those with dark eyes, they may need a little more help fighting off seasonal affective disorder.

Taking a Vitamin D supplement can help prevent SAD. In addition, try and get some sunlight, especially in the morning when it can help set your circadian rhythm on the right path.

When choosing a Vitamin D supplement, make sure to look for quality. Cardio CVS has Vitamin D and other supportive nutrients to support your body all year round.

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