B12 is one of the harder vitamins to get. If you have a limited diet, especially if you’re vegan, you’re more likely to be Vitamin B12 deficient. Like most deficiencies, it’s easy for it to go undiagnosed. The recommended daily guidelines really only cover extreme deficiency—but a mild or moderate vitamin deficiency can also cause symptoms and disrupt your life.

What are vitamin B12 deficiency symptoms? Like other vitamins, fatigue and mental fog are symptoms. More unique to vitamin B12 are a sore tongue, and a single, twitchy eye. Symptoms come on slowly enough that most people adjust before they complain, and only see a doctor if symptoms get worse.

Don’t live with a mild deficiency. Make sure you’re at your best and feeling good by covering your bases with a multivitamin. Get all your B vitamins with CoEnZyme B-Complex.

B Vitamins work together throughout the body to support overall health, wellbeing, and energy levels, as well as support metabolism, the nervous system, digestion, and more.

The key to getting enough B Vitamins in your diet is to eat a varied diet with lots of food groups, and variety within those food groups every day. Because that’s not always possible (even if you have a good diet!) make sure that you’ve got a back-up, like CoEnZyme B-Complex.

If you think you might be a little short on B12 or other B vitamins, the simplest solution is to try adding a little more to your diet. Try a supplement, and see if it boost energy and overall wellness.

Get your B Vitamins every day with CoEnZyme B-Complex.

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