Skin Care LadyNow when I ask that, did you just think about your face? Most people do. But whole-body skin support is important, whether you’re protecting your immune system, or indulging your vanity.

Looking Good:

Most people focus on the face, which is natural, and should be spot 1 when it comes to fighting aging, acne, and more, but let’s be honest: your neck and hands can show your age as much or more, and acne isn’t limited to your face.

Skin care pros will tell you anything worth doing to your face, is worth doing all the way down your neckline. (Aging actresses can sometimes be a good example of why this is—lots of money spent on their face, but get a good view of their neck or cleavage, and wrinkles, sun damage, etc. reveals an extra decade or two!).

Whatever fancy creams you’re using, spread them down. Then rub any extra into your hands.

For more complete support, try an inside-out approach.

Colloidal copper supports the skin in many ways, including collagen production (you need collagen if you don’t want wrinkles!). Spray it on your face and neck, then add a little to your supplement routine to get full-body support!

And get silica in on the action: your diet might be surprisingly limited in a bioavailable form of this essential mineral. Take a little silica each day for support that covers collagen and elastin (as well as support for other areas, like your cardiovascular system!).

Fight Acne, Increase Your Immune Support!

Your skin, similar to your digestive system, is covered in bacteria. Mostly, these bacteria are protective, but problems can arise if a more virulent pathogen arrives (like MRSA) or if things get out of balance. What can knock things off? An extremely unhealthy diet, cuts, scrapes, and burns, or environmental influences, which could just be wearing dirty gym shoes too long (encouraging fungus!).

Don’t overlook your skin when it comes to supporting your immune system—afterall, it’s your first line of defense!

Take a probiotic to encourage your body to harbor good, safe bacteria that can help crowd out the bad ones.

Get immune support inside and out. A daily dose of colloidal silver can help support your immune system, and you can use it traditionally, too (silver has long been an essential ingredient in burn balms, encouraging faster healing).

What skin care steps do you take?


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