It may be June, but plenty of people are still sporting pale winter skin—which is fine, as long as you’re getting Vitamin D elsewhere. You need more than you think—or is recommended. What they say you should be getting in terms of Vitamin D is just the minimum, most people need more to function better. In general, mild Vitamin D deficiency can cause muscle pain, fatigue, and symptoms of depression. But for some people, it can be more specific—worse menstrual cycles, interrupted sleep (it can contribute to restless leg syndrome, for example), and more echoes throughout the body.

If you’re not spending time in the sun, make sure you’re eating Vitamin D rich foods, or taking a supplement like Vita One.

Work, scheduling, skin worries, and more can keep us inside, or at least dodging the sun. To get the recommended Vitamin D in the average American climate, you need 20 minutes of swimsuit-level exposure, no sunscreen, each day. It’s not just about hanging outside, or even being active outside, it’s about a serious amount of sunshine.

If you’re not scheduling some sun time, or can’t for skin health reasons, foods like fish, cheese, eggs, and fortified grains (although they’re an inferior source) all contain Vitamin D.

Because diet can occasionally fail you—an off day, natural variation in nutritional content, or another unexpected event, like illness—a daily multivitamin makes sure you get Vitamin D every day, and helps keep your Vitamin D levels up, so you don’t experience mild deficiency.

Vita One is a high quality multivitamin, and perfect for getting your daily Vitamin D as well as other essential vitamins and minerals. Almost everyone could use a little more Vitamin D—make sure you get yours.

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