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Of all nutrients, Vitamin D deficiency is probably the most common in the US. We lead indoor lifestyles, wear mostly modest clothing, and not every city has abundant sunshine. In fact, even our use of sunscreen may be contributing to Vitamin D deficiency! Learn Vitamin D deficiency symptoms than get more with Triple Strength Antioxidant

To get enough Vitamin D naturally you need to hang around outside, in a swimsuit, sans sunscreen, for roughly 20 minutes (depending on light levels—how far north you are, altitude, time of year, and weather). Almost no one does that, which is why most people have at least mild Vitamin D deficiency symptoms. Our incidental sun exposure we get from taking walks, driving, or spending time outdoors is enough that most people don’t have severe Vitamin D deficiency (aka rickets), and might not notice mild Vitamin D deficiency symptoms.

Feeling tired, having a weakened immune system, and other signs of less than optimal health throughout the body can all indicate symptoms of Vitamin D deficiency. Vitamin D is vital to the health of mind and body, and while we can function with less, we won’t be at our best.

Should you start each day sunbathing? No! Keep wearing sunscreen. Vitamin D deficiency is unequivocally an easier problem to solve than skin cancer. So lather up: it takes about an ounce of sunscreen (1 shot glass full) to cover your body when in a traditional swimsuit. Doctors also recommend hats and sticking to the shade.

Instead, make sure you’re getting enough Vitamin D by taking a daily multivitamin like Triple Strength Antioxidant. Vitamin D is one of the most recommended supplemental nutrients. Don’t miss out on feeling your best, make sure you have enough Vitamin D with Triple Strength Antioxidant


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