School KidWhether your kids are headed back to school, or your young adults are headed off to college, their walking into a minefield of germs. Close proximity + cold and flu season means their immune systems are going to be fighting off a large number of illnesses (and change plus less sleep will be taxing them, too).

For the K-12ers:

-Handwashing! Kindergarten manners are great, but when they’re sitting in a room of thirty kids, half of whom have runny noses, coughs, or a nose picking habit, the most important life lesson is going to be wash your hands. Frequently.

-Invest in a good lunch set. You can get wraps that double as placemats, as well as all sorts of cool lunchbox accessories. School is not the place to eat straight off the table.

-Watch for signs of cold/flu, and be ready with plans to pool kids out of school if they get sick. You can get the flu multiple times, so help keep it from getting into circulation by letting kids rest at home (where they’ll get better faster, anyhow!).

For the college bound:

-Extra sheets, towels, and some basic cleaning supplies are a must. They will be sharing a room with one or even two other people, and germ sharing is going to happen—best they can do is keep their own things clean.

-Shower flip-flops are a must for helping to prevent athlete’s foot!

-Meningitis, Mono, Chicken Pox, Measles, STDs, and of course cold and flu all commonly have campus (and dorm especially) outbreaks.

-College kids are known for hitting caffeine hard when they need to study. Encourage them to have good study habits with a bottle of MesoGold, which is reported to help with focus and concentration, and a Sleep Support Pack so that they get the rest they need rather than staying up all night!

And For Everyone:

-Supplement with MesoSilver to support your immune system! Cold and flu season is coming, and it will be 10x worse for anyone in the crowded school system!

What do you do to support the health of your school age kids?


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