Drowsy At BreakfastSleeping pills cause a fake sleep—you may go down without tossing and turning, and stay there until morning, but the next day you’ll be drowsy, unable to drive safely, and that’s if you didn’t get into trouble sleepwalking during the night.

True sleep refreshes the brain. Your brain and body go through a number of processes (general maintenance and repairs), that impact your overall health (heart, weight, etc.). Sleeping pills interfere with these needed tasks, which is one of the reasons you aren’t supposed to use them every night.

What’s more, sleeping pills require 11 hours to wear off. That’s almost half your day! And new guidelines suggest a lower dosage because of the severe next-day drowsiness these pills cause (most people don’t notice it, and are unaware of the risks they are taking as they drive their kids to school and on to work).

Sleeping pills are one area of life where you really should go natural. Natural sleeping aids, like Nite MGR, aren’t tricking (or forcing) your body into fake sleep. They’re built around melatonin, a naturally occurring molecule that makes you sleepy. Insomniacs don’t always have enough melatonin—it might be due to an underlying problem, or it might just be staying up too late on the computer/watching TV/playing on cell phones (light, especially from screens, tells the body not to produce melatonin).

Nite MGR also provides nutrients that your body needs for a good night’s rest—things that it will use as it performs some self-maintenance. So taking it every night is actually a good thing, and you won’t run the risk of getting addicted or being dangerously drowsy the next day.

Give Nite MGR a try (and consider pairing it with Cal Mag Complete, they complement each other. Most people take calcium, so just do so at night). See what a week of good nights feels like!

Have experience with either sleeping pills or natural sleep aids? Share in our comments!


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