Headache LadyCold and flu tend to hog the spotlight in winter, but minor ailments, like headaches, tend to be more common this time of year too.

If you find yourself rubbing your temples, squeezing your eyes, and pinching the bridge of your nose, go through this list and see if you can banish that nasty winter headache.

You’re probably dehydrated. Winter robs us of our moisture. Lips chap, skin cracks, sinuses ache. If you find yourself behind on water consumption, drink some coconut water (or other electrolyte drink) to get some into your system faster.

A refillable water bottle is a great way to stay hydrated, and help measure your consumption.

You might be tense. Dehydration really makes muscle tension worse, but it could just be residual holiday stress (–still gotta get on the roof and get those lights down). Try a coconut oil massage, or if you don’t have a friend to help, rub some Dakota Muscle Rub on—the peppermint smell will help with your headache too.

You might be about to come down with something. Sometimes in the winter, a headache can be the first sign you’re about to get sick. How’s your appetite? Your energy? Your temperature? At the first warning sign, start resting a little more, and make sure you take some colloidal silver daily.

Or it could be sinus pressure. Maybe your nose never stopped running after your last cold, or you live somewhere warm and spring allergies are hitting earlier. Try rinsing your sinuses (blowing during a headache only makes things worse).

If all else fails, sleep it off. Drink water before and after, but sometimes sleep will do it—it rests your eyes (in case eye strain is the problem) and calms all those pulsing arteries.

How do you solve headaches?


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