Happy Exercise ChicThere’s two ways to look at taking care of yourself: you’re being proactive about good health, or preventing bad health. Really, of course, you’re doing both! But there’s something to be said about being a glass half full sort of person.

When you look at it like you’re being proactive, you’re thinking of all the rewards you’re going to get: looking good, feeling good, having more energy, and a better state of mind. But when you look at it with fear of what you’re preventing: a shorter life, a life crippled by illness, dementia, and poor mood, and it can be not just demoralizing, but paralyzing.

It’s good to understand both sides, and to be working toward the positive. State of mind is an important part of health, research usually finds in favor of patients who are optimistic about their outcomes.

But here’s a caveat: keep those good thoughts abstract. Thinking too much about the reward can be just as satisfying as actually doing it, and might keep you from taking action.

What kind of action? You know the routine:

-Exercise supports health, your brain, and pretty much every aspect of health you can think of. You don’t even have to make it hard—just get moving. Standing at your desk won’t burn calories, but it will promote better cardiovascular health. If you add in fidgeting, it’s associated with better weight and heart health, too. And keep building it up with little things—sneaking more movement into your day, and eventually building up a routine around exercise.

-Good nutrition, of course! It’s hard to change what you eat. Dramatic changes can take months for your digestive system to get used to. But when once you’re accustomed to filling your plate with plants (in addition to your protein of choice) you’ll get used to the stronger, more nuanced flavors, the better energy, and the gradual desire to make better changes throughout your life.

-A full night’s sleep. If you already have sleep problems, don’t start here, start with exercising and eating right, then make sure you follow our basics for fighting insomnia.

Need to get the ball rolling? Feel good about doing something right now—get some support for your health by ordering a daily multivitamin (get the nutrition rolling!) or our Sleep Support pack so your sleep quality goes up, or just give your immune system a hand with some colloidal silver!

Spin some positives for me; share what gets you healthy in the comments:


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