Pumpkin Table SettingWant comfortable, happy, healthy guests this holiday season? Here are some simple steps that will make sure everyone enjoys the holidays!

Serving a meal? Make sure there’s something for everyone. Everyday, more Americans are diagnosed with food allergies. Mild to severe, rare to ubiquitous, navigating the world of food allergies can be really hard!

First, ask them how they want it handled. Some people prefer to bring their own food, or to eat only a very simple dish. It’s not personal, it just takes weeks to months to get used to reading labels and identifying items that contain allergens. Some people (like those with a peanut allergy or Celiac Disease) can even be triggered if the pan, bowl, etc. touched their allergen.

Kids who have allergies are even trickier to feed—while some outgrow allergies, others develop new ones. It might be new foods, or ones that were safe, but are similar (the world of nut allergies is awful).

Luckily, there are wonderful places on the internet, like Pinterest, that have lots of recipes for all sorts of diets.

Next, consider fancy-ing up your meal with a between course pallet cleanser. First, it will help people manage how much they eat and enjoy their food more. Second, if you choose something with probiotics, like frozen yogurt, you’re supporting healthy digestion, and giving guests a layer of back-up against food poisoning (because no one wants to be none as that host!

Too unconventional? Let guests know that you have an easy to take probiotic supplement available should they either want the boost, or start feeling like they’re having digestive troubles.

You could also create a pro-digestion dessert (or post dessert—don’t want to skip pie! ). Crackers, fruit and cheese served communally (instead of as an appetizer), frozen yogurt, or something as simple as herbal tea, like mint or ginger.

Another way to support good digestion is to consider serving room temperature water at meals, rather than iced.

Got lots of activities planned? Taking guests around the city, on the ski slopes, or just for a walk? Have a bottle of Smelly Shoe Spray ready for their return, so they can discreetly fight shoe (and foot! ) odors.

Finally, if you have out of town guests, consider the tradition of a gift basket, since they traveled to you. Soaps, a list of city events, snacks, and immune support (a bottle of MesoSilver!) are all great ideas.

What are your best hosting tips?


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