Diet and exercise come up often on this blog, and rightfully so, because they are both critical to maintaining good health. No matter your weight, you need good nutrition to support your body and the amazing things it does everyday. Similarly, exercise is a way to use your body, keeping it young, supporting fitness and health, as well as helping you keep a positive state of mind.

But if you need diet and exercise to lose weight, what’s the best diet? There are tons of diet plans out there, many of which are dangerous, either because they deprive you of calories, or nutrition, or both. (If you follow us on Twitter, you know that your brain generally uses 25% of your energy intake).First, make sure that you are getting enough nutrition. A multivitamin may be helpful; another strategy is to fill your diet with fruits and vegetables, which will help keep you full as well as provide valuable nutrition. Don’t cut your calorie count too low, you still need a bare minimum (usually at least 1500 Calories) to supply your body energy each day (a nutritionist can be helpful if you have questions specific to your needs).

For your weight loss diet, start by cutting your portions down, rather than cutting out food groups. Then add fruits and veggies to your diet if you aren’t eating them already, and slowly work your meals over into healthy portions-a small serving of lean meat and whole grains, coupled with all the fruits and veggies you can eat.

Second, work up to the exercising. You’ll be more successful at making a permanent life change if it’s gradual, and if you have a smaller step to fall back on, rather than giving up. So start by adding movement to your day-park farther away, take the stairs, turn a chore into a mini-ab workout.

Then you can start with adding exercise routines, including stretching, daily cardio, and weight training. Add one at a time, and increase the time and number of days you give to it each week. Talk to your doctor if you have specific health concerns to ensure you don’t over-exhaust your body.

The best diet plans aren’t just focused on weight loss, they’re focused on improving your overall health. Making other changes, like flossing (which is not only good for your teeth but helps prevent plaque build up in your arteries), can bolster your confidence for when diet and exercise slip a little. Anything you can do to put yourself in a healthy mindset will help.

If you need a little more help, Colloids For Life offers a few products to add to the best diet and weight loss plans:

Slim NRG: While most diet pills contain ingredients that anyone prioritizing health should avoid, Slim NRG is all natural, focusing on helping your body lose weight by supporting metabolic function. (You can read more about Slim NRG in this recent blog post, just Click Here).

Vegan Protein Complete: A protein supplement made from rice, hemp, and peas, a teaspoon can be added to a shake for a great meal supplement that provides a long-lasting feeling of fullness. If you are limiting the protein in your diet, Vegan Protein Complete contains all the amino acids you need so your nutrition won’t suffer.

Remember: A healthy weight (and lifestyle) can help prevent cancer, depression, and a host of other illnesses.

What are your best diet tips? Do you have a success story you’re willing to share with others? Let us know in the comments!


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