Spirulina Seaweed SaladFor vegans, a lot of the protein supplements they take might be more calories than they need—whether they’re adding it to a smoothie, or to their plate. (If they’re adding it to a plate, it might not be so tasty, either).

But you can easily boost your diet with a single supplement, too. Blu-Lina Organic Spirulina has all 8 amino acids. Rich in iron, spirulina was once an important part of diets in the Americas and Africa. For people with specific dietary needs, it may still be an important part of their daily nutrition.

Just like most people benefit from a general daily multivitamin that supports their overall nutrition by providing a safety net of vitamins and minerals, people with restrictive diets benefit from an additional layer of support. Perfect for vegans, supportive for diabetics and people with nutrient absorption problems Blu-Lina Organic Spirulina can be that additional layer of support.

Other times, it’s a medical change that necessitates additional support. A hospital stay, a stomach bleed that lowers iron levels, an appetite killing cold. Sometimes it’s easier to get a small capsule or two down to make sure we get the basics—especially if you’re going through a day or two of only stomaching bland foods like toast and crackers.

In addition to all that, spirulina has essential fatty acids, chlorophyll (which supports healthy blood), enzyme, and antioxidants. Spirulina is also a prebiotic, meaning it supports healthy bacteria in the gut.

Whether you’re supporting a specific diet, or need some support while you go through a health event, spirulina may be the perfect addition to your dietary support.

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