If you “feel it in your bones” it might not be the changing weather—it might be a shortage of Vitamin D. There are many symptoms of Vitamin D deficiency, and while you might know that you can get rickets if you’re deficient enough, you may not know that you can feel early signs of serious Vitamin D deficiency in your bones. Get more Vitamin D in your diet with Cardio CVS.

Aching bones might be an early sign that your headed to more serious Vitamin D deficiency. If you aren’t getting a lot of sunlight, are overweight, or exclude certain food groups (like dairy or fish) from your diet, you’re at higher risk for Vitamin D deficiency. A daily multivitamin like Cardio CVS can help ensure you’re not only getting enough Vitamin D, but other essential nutrients.

Other signs of Vitamin D deficiency include fatigue, a low mood (maybe even Seasonal Affective Disorder), and more colds.

Vitamin D deficiency is actually surprisingly common. There’s less sunlight in the modern lifestyle, and less Vitamin D in the modern diet. While some foods are fortified with Vitamin D  (meaning it’s been added), it’s usually a cheap form of the Vitamin that’s harder to digest and use—especially if you have issues like Crohn’s or other inflammatory bowel diseases.

Besides diet, you can get more Vitamin D from spending more time in the sun, and making sure to take a daily multivitamin like Cardio CVS. Keep in mind, if you’re trying to get more sun it takes stripping to bikini levels and staying outside sunscreen free for 20 or so minutes (depending on altitude and latitude)

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